SimplyASP Tech Mini Digital Multimeter

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Mini Pocket Digital Multimeter

This pocket-sized digital multimeter can be taken anywhere and is a must-have for any technician's toolbox.


DC Voltage: 200mV, 2000mV, 20V, 200V, 500V (VDC)

AC Voltage: 200V, 500V (VAC)

DC Current: 200µA, 2000µA, 20mA, 200mA, 10A

Resistance: 200Ω, 2000Ω, 20KΩ, 200KΩ, 2000KΩ

Tests: Transistor (1-1000 hFE), Diode test, Continuity test, Battery test



  • Mini digital multimeter
  • Test leads


  • Powered by: 1x 12V battery (A23, installed)
  • Size: 3.94" x 1.97" x 0.91"
  • Weight: 60 grams

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