RadioShack 5-Piece Basic Soldering Set

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Everything you need for basic soldering jobs in one package.
Comfortable "cool-grip" design keeps your hand cool while working with hot solder.
Tip heats to 700ºF (371ºC).
Safety stand helps prevent accidental damage to countertop or workbench.
Includes 30W soldering iron, safety stand, heat sink clamp, soldering tool, solder and tip.
Everything you need for soldering on electrical jobs, precision electronics, hobby work and more.
Be prepared for any job, and stock up on a variety of solder, including rosin-core, lead-free, silver-bearing, clear flux and more.
UL listed -- UL has tested representative samples of this product and determined that it meets UL's requirements.
Replacement Tip (Catalog No. 6402065)

How to solder

Thoroughly clean parts to be soldered.
Use solder sparingly. Excess can spread to other connections and cause a short circuit.
Tin the tip by plugging in the iron and letting it heat fully (about three minutes). Rub solder on all its tapered surfaces until the tip is completely coated. Wipe off excess solder with a soft, moist cloth or sponge (or you can use a tip tinner / cleaner compound such as catalog no. 6400020).
Before soldering, tin the wire by heating it and letting a small amount of solder flow onto it.
Apply the tapered surface of the tip (not its point) to the joint to be soldered. Then apply solder to the heated joint. Do not let solder flow onto the joint by melting the solder on the tip of the iron.

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