RadioShack 1/4 Inch Audio Adapters (Assorted 4-Pack)

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Stereo to mono or mono to stereo or just need a right angle for a tight spot, this kit has you covered. 1/4" stereo jack to 1/4" mono plug headphone adapter Accepts 1/4" stereo plug Fits 1/4" mono jack Adapts stereo headphones to fit audio devices with mono inputs Nickel plated Gold series right-angle 1/4" adapter, mono plug to mono jack Right-angle adapter fits into tight spaces Gold-plated connectors reduce corrosion and improve signal transfer Accepts 1/4" mono phone plug Fits 1/4" mono phone jack Right-angle 1/4" stereo plug to stereo jack Right-angle adapter fits and tight spaces Gold-plated connectors ensure maximum performance Accepts 1/4" stereo phone plug Fits 1/4" stereo phone jack 1/4" stereo plug to 1/4" mono jack adapter Use this adapter to combine left- and right-channel signals from a stereo headphone jack to a 1/4" mono phone plug Changes a stereo signal to mono Accepts 1/4" mono phone plug Fits 1/4" stereo phone jack Nickel plated

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