Monoprice DVI-I Male to 3 RCA Component Adapter w/ DIP Switch for ATI Video C...

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Use the power of your ATI video card to watch high-resolution video content through the Component Video inputs on your TV with this DVI to Component Adapter for ATI Video Cards from Monoprice! This adapter is specifically designed to work only with the following ATI Video Cards: All-and-Wonder 8500 All-in-Wonder 8500DV Radeon 9500 series Radeon 9550 series Radeon 9600 series Radeon 9700 series Radeon 9800 series The DIP switches on the adapter allow you to control the allowable output settings for resolution and aspect ratio. The DIP switches are set as follows: turn on if your display supports 480i resolution turn on if your display supports 480p resolution always leave off (the adapter does not support the 540p resolution)turn on if your display supports 720p resolution turn on if your display supports 1080i resolution turn on if your display supports 16:9 aspect ratio Note: Make sure you have installed the latest drivers for your video card and set the DIP switches before installing this adapter. Turn the power off to your computer before installing this adapter

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