Monoprice Active Set Top HD4 HDTV Antenna, 60 Mile Range

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Active Set Top HD4 HDTV Antenna, 60 Mile Range

Break free from subscription TV with Monoprice's Active Set Top HD4 HDTV Antenna with 60 mile range. This antenna gives you an easy to use option for getting free HDTV broadcasts, such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, and more. It is the best option for viewing national networks and local channels without additional monthly fees.

This antenna's convenient stylish design mounts on top of the TV. Its amplifier makes it great for areas where the HD signals over the air are weak. It is easy to install and use, making it a great option for anyone to get HD TV reception on a TV not connected to cable. Note that channel reception will be affected by what is broadcast in your area, your surroundings (mountains, etc), and how far away you are from the towers.

• Watch HDTV shows for free (no more cable bills!)
• Receives Full HD digital UHF TV signals
• Built-in wideband amplifier for best performance
• Enjoy multidirectional reception up to 60 miles from a tower
• Mounts directly on top of the TV
• Easy to install and use

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