10" SATA to eSATA Cable w/ATX Bracket

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Traditionally, internal hard drives connect directly to the motherboard with SATA II connections, but since external eSATA hard drives cannot easily access the motherboard from outside the computer tower, another device is required to change the connector.

This easy-to-install eSATA bracket allows you to use eSATA devices with your computer. It changes the connection type from the internal SATA II on your motherboard to the external SATA (aka eSATA). The bracket will be attached to your computer tower to function as an eSATA port.

With this bracket, you can now access data from your eSATA devices at up to 3 Gbit/s (approximately 375 MB/s).


  • Cavalry Internal SATA to External eSATA PCI Slot Bracket

  • General Features:
  • Cable color: Red
  • Up to 3 Gbit/s transfer speeds
  • eSATA bracket installs directly to the internal SATA port on your motherboard and can be placed into any unused PCI slot bracket.
  • Use any eSATA device
  • Easy to install

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