DeoxIT X10S Precision Instrument Oil, Needle Bottle - 25 mL

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DeoxIT X10S precision lubricant has 1,000+ uses! Use on rubber, plastics and metals.

Finest quality instrument oil for lubrication of moving parts and mechanisms.
Safe for use on metal, rubber and plastic.
Non-gumming, rust-inhibiting, long-lasting lubrication.
Works great with instruments, gears, gauges, mechanisms, timers, clocks, fishing reels, threaded closures, projectors, moving parts, guns, etc.
Bottle includes needle applicator.
Instructions: Pressure may build up slightly during shipment. To release pressure, turn/un-screw barrel counter-clockwise two turns, then re-tighten. Turn off equipment. Squeeze barrel slightly to apply DeoxIT X10S liquid.


Catalog No. 6400332
Manufacturer Part No. X10S-25C
Temperature Range -60° C to 232° C
Country of Origin United States of America
UPC 697429008078

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