SimplyASP Tech 10.1" LED LCD Touchscreen Monitor IntelliTouch Pro Capacitive

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The Capacitive touchscreen all-in-one PC is the most convenient, simple, natural, practical interactive device, which gathers the strengths of touch technology, computer technology, multimedia technology, audio technology, network technology, industrial plastic arts, mechanical manufacturing technology, streamlined integration of design, etc., with a pure flat product structure, together with the excellent performance of touch experience and fast completion of information query and display, easy to use interactive features.

The technology is a capacitive all-and-one pc widely used and car showrooms, hotel lobbies, fairs, company showrooms, supermarkets, banks, government buildings, and so on. We have focused on research and development production of touch products for many years so that our products are more competitive than counterparts and both technology and practical applications.

Product Characteristic

  1. Structure Design:

Pure flat structure, ergonomic design, slim and beautiful, streamlined shape, sophisticated technology

Display, touch, PC system integration slim design; 30.8mm thickness.

  1. Effect:

Using the newly developed projective capacitive screen supports 10-point touch, handwriting, and multi-point gesture

Touch speed is less than 3ms, good accuracy, ease of use, and easy to maintain

Anti-light interference, to ensure the accuracy of operation (can be used as usual under bright light)

  1. Good scalability: Flexible configuration, can expand the installation of customer demand for a variety of functional accessories
  1. High safety: Aluminum alloy + sheet metal structure, no sharp edges, wear-resistant and anti-corrosive paint process, overall explosion-proof design
  1. Stable performance: advanced design ideas, strict production process, stable and reliable product quality, the low failure rate
  1. Simple installation: power a key switch, dispense with on-site installation and commissioning.


Used and public places: subways, airports, bookstores, parks, exhibition halls, stadiums, museums, convention centers, ticket agents, talent market, lottery centers, hospitals, schools, telecommunications, post offices, and so on; Entertainments: cinemas, gyms, holiday resorts, clubs, foot sauna, bars, cafes, beauty salons, golf courses and so on; Financial institutions: banks, securities, funds, insurance companies, pawnshops and the like; Commercial organization: shopping malls, chain stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacies, etc.; Properties: apartments, villas, offices, commercial buildings, model houses, sales offices and so on.

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