The User Friendly SimplyASP Tech Atom External Battery

SimplyASP Tech Atom 10,000mAh Portable External Battery

Simple, sleek and stylish, this small gadget is the powerhouse to keep your gadgets running. This device’s 10000mAh and 3.7 V battery lasts up to 6 charges or extends the talk time by 40 hours, that’s a lot if you ask me. So now the next time you go on a road trip with your buddies or have those late night calls with your loved ones, don’t fret about the battery running out. Moreover, Atom 10,000mAh Portable External Battery is compatible with almost all devices, charging them with a 2A output. The device itself is powered by an environment-friendly Lithium Ion battery, of the highest quality which enables you to squeeze out 600 or more recharge cycles in only $13.99, an unbelievable deal, isn’t it!
Let's face it our lives revolve around the power outlet which makes our world fun and productive. As our schedules continue to get more cramped up and hectic we hardly find the time and energy to recharge our gadgets before we need them again. Forget time! it's lucky we even find a socket nearby when the warning sign flashes across our cellphone’s screen and we start running around, looking for a place to plug in like a maniac. This is especially true for college students when their assignment is near to completion and the laptop goes *POOF*. But guess what ladies and gentlemen, our savior is in town. Atom 10,000mAh Portable External Battery is light, portable and easily fits in your handbags, pockets or even the palm of your hand. This seemingly small object has saved us a whole lot of anxiety at a very reasonable price.

Atom 10,000mAh Portable External Battery won’t be your partner just for assignment deadlines or endless phone calls, it will also be there to support you when you’re having a little you-time but can’t find a way to power up your guitar. This little angel can run your electrical instruments eight hours straight!

The best thing about this portable battery is not its ability to provide you with energy on the move but the sheer simplicity and lack of deceptiveness. This device is exactly what it appears to be, all you have to do is plug in the gadget you want to charge and hit start. There is no hidden trap or a catch to it and that’s what all the customers are thankful about because with the world leaning heavily on creative marketing tactics we hardly get what we are promised. More than half of the times either the quality is not up to the mark or the features and the buyers are usually left feeling frustrated and betrayed and oh not to mention empty-pocketed! This device, initially designed by a pair of geniuses from HongKong University of science and technology who initially designed it because they wanted to go on a road trip decked with their speakers, lights, and other devices and later came to realize that this product actually had the potential to act as a life saver in multiple situations. Atom 10,000mAh Portable External Battery provides all the comforts it claims for. It's outside our normal cycle of gadgets and that’s why people are hailing it as a revolutionary item.

Atom 10,000mAh Portable External Battery also allows its users to come up with creative ideas to use it. From using it to charge a regular cell phone to utilizing it as an emergency charger during natural calamities, this device’s benefits know no bounds. Moreover, it has a market of diverse customers including a huge population of extroverts, professional outdoor photographers, subway singers, students and office employees so it would be unfair to target its marketing campaign to only a single faction. Atom 10,000mAh Portable External Battery has a thriving market even in third world countries like India and Pakistan which show that our little pocket gadget is loved by people belonging not only to different professions but also from different parts of the globe. With so many people gushing over this gadget we think it's high time you spend a bunch of dollars from your next pay and experience it all yourself. We assure you, it will be worth it.

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Wale Adetona

Wale Adetona

I agree there is not just a single use for this battery. From being deployed in the military I find that we were always on the go, so there was never an easy place to charge a phone or tablet. So with this device I took 10 to the field and oh boy did they work, exceeded my expectations, lasted for days without re-charging and they were able to be made tactical not giving off any super bright blinking lights at night. A+++ design and lightweight to carry on mock missions.

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